Featured Artist for October:

Jason Levasseur

Medium: Photography Wall Art
Tell us about your work: Local photographer with art canvases.

Featured Artist for October:

Kate Cargile

Downtown Halloween Trick or Treat

Featured Artist for October:

Richard Dahlquist and Susan Broadbent

All ceramic pieces were created by Richard Dahlquist, and are one-of-a-kind, hand-built coil/rope vessels. Most of the paintings in the collection are a collaboration between Susan Broadbent and Richard Dahlquist. The work is playful, fanciful, and suggestive, using acrylic on canvas, and gouache on paper.

Featured Artist for October:

Jeanelle Demers

Medium / genre: Acrylic paint on canvas, animal and human portraits, other subjects.
Tell us about your work: I create custom portraits by commission, to immortalize memories of special people and animals. Working with a reference photo and acrylic paint on canvas, I use vivid colors and a high level of detail to create vibrant and realistic paintings, evoking the essence of each subject and capturing the twinkle in their eyes. I love seeing my finished paintings given as meaningful gifts or used as a way to memorialize those who have passed on, and I truly value the connections that I make and the stories that I experience through sharing my art in this way.

Featured Artist for October:



Featured Artist for October:

Heather Oinonen

Medium / genre: Wood and Acrylic
Tell us about your work: Photo cutouts meant to be fun for pictures but make you feel like you're becoming part of a painting.

Featured Live Music for October:

DJ Bernazo

Playing oldies and tunes from the 80s, 90s, and today.

Featured Food for October:

Isuken Co-Op Food Truck

Featured Artist for October:

Tricia Barnhard

Medium: Photography
Tell us about your work: I am an amateur photographer with a passion for capturing the beauty in those little moments in life, the glory of the seasons and especially capturing the journey of my youngest child as she navigates the world from her place on the autism spectrum.

Featured Artist for October:

Al Tomlinson

Al Tomlinson was born Dec 8, 1948 in Hayward, California and began drawing at 5 years old. He studied with California artist Vence Litdic from age 8-11, including basic drawing and clay modeling. He also studied with Commercial Artist Ruby Schmit in San Francisco, CA.

Featured Artist for October:

TJ Triton

Imagine stepping out of this current time and journeying back to when stories involved all beings mystical. TJ Triton is a visionary who brings history and the fantastical to life with his colorful, dreamy paintings. All artwork displayed is ink brush drawings overlaid with beautiful washes of watercolor. TJ’s vision is for the audience to learn a little something new, about historical figures or the myths told by ancient storytellers.


6:00 - 6:30pm

6:30 - 7:00pm

Featured Artist for October:

Tricia Clark

Medium: Gouache and ink illustrations on paper, wood
Tell us about your work: I make landscapes and dreamscapes. I have original paintings and sell prints and postcards. I've been a street vender in Portland ME since 2011 and am just moving to LA area now in 2018. Excited to see what art walk is like here!

Featured Storytelling for October:

6:00 - 6:30pm: Penobscot Storyteller John Bear Mitchell

6:30 - 7:00pm: The Best of the Corner

Featured Artist for October:

The Hive Co-op Artists

Featured Artist for October:

Doug Haig

Featured Artist for October:

Elisabeth P. Salberg

Medium: Oil on canvas
Tell us about your work: I like to paint scenes of Maine that speak to me. The beauty of our State confronts me daily, inspiring me and often, challenging me, as I try to transform the world of color, light and shape that I see, into an oil painting for others to, hopefully, enjoy.

Featured Artist for October:

Art Quilts Maine

Art Quilts Maine supports members in their exploration of contemporary quilt art, inspires creativity and individuality, and promotes the understanding, appreciation and recognition of contemporary quilters in the state of Maine. These goals are accomplished by the sharing of member resources, demonstrations and other related activities such as workshops and exhibits.


5:30 - 6:00pm

Featured Storytelling for October:

Halloween Story Time with Bates Students


5:00 - 8:00pm

Featured Storytelling & Show for October:

HIGHLOW Project: Photographs & Stories of Youth At Risk

The HIGHLOW Project is a collaboration between the artist and youth served by the Vermont Coalition of Runaway Homeless Youth programs (co-sponsored by New Beginnings).

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